by Hoodoo Psychic Deacon Millett

Although most folks think of sweetening spells as purely the province of love conjure, there is a long tradition of sugar spells in other places, particularly the courtroom and on the job, both spots where conflicts often arise. These tips and tricks will help anyone wanting to soothe a dramatic situation or swing someone important (a boss or judge) to their favour.

1. Attract others to you with confectioners sugar and powdered cinnamon sifted to a light tan tone. Sprinkle it over resumes, business cards, legal papers, official forms ā€” anything you send or give to your target. Call our their name as you make a wavy ā€œSā€ through the powder. Remove it with several quick taps, leaving no actual powdery traces.

2. Keep up your cash flow with a doorstep wash of brown sugar, red brick dust, and cinnamon. Add to water and scrub your doorstep inward.

3. To get a judge on your side, write his or her name nine times and place the paper with cinnamon and sugar in your left shoe. Now you have the judge under your feet and working for you!

4. To have a loan or other financial request granted, create a tea of five finger grass, fenugreek seed, honey, and licorice root. You can drink the tea or bathe in it, but also make sure to wash your hands in some before meeting any bank people.

5. To keep a happy boss, crush blue flag root, gravel root, and allspice into a powder. Blend with sugar and dust it where your boss is sure to step. (Under a desk or next to a car door can be perfect!)

6. To sweeten your workmates and bosses, trick out any sugar packets from the break room. Borrow a nice supply and take them, where you will create a name-paper for each of your coworkers (or a business card they’ve given you). Layer these in a bowl with sweetening packets and loose sugar. Recite Psalms 33, leave overnight, dust the sugar off the packets, and take them to work for daily use.

7. If you have a loved one in jail, paste their photo on a wide-rimmed jar filled with sugar. Get a skeleton key and shove it straight into the sugar, like a key in a lock. Turn the key daily and recite Psalms 23 to sweeten their time away.

8. To get a job back, take a clear jar of powdered sugar, powdered cloves and allspice. Add a name-paper for your old employer. Burn nine white lights upon this jar for nine successive days, asking for the boss’s heart to be softened.

9. To cut through obstacles in the workplace, make a lemon cake into which you call the names of any difficult person. Drizzle with a powdered sugar and lemon juice icing over which you have recited Psalms 65.

Hoodoo Psychic Deacon Millett is the author of Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells and Hoodoo Return and Reconciliation Spells.