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5 Dream Signs To Watch Out For

by Hoodoo Psychic Elle DuVall

1. Trains: To dream of a train is a special thing. Trains generally represent where we are going in life and whether we’re on the right path or completely missing the mark. To hear a train but not see it in your dream means that life is calling you and letting you know that things are passing you by because you are looking in another direction. Being on a train and travelling somewhere suggests that we are on the right track planning out our goals and going where we need to go. To nearly be hit by a train in a dream or to dream of yourself tied down and a train is coming means that you are on a path of destruction and soon to be experiencing the result of that. To see a train crash in a dream means that things are too chaotic in your situation and need to be straightened out. Pay attention to the details of your encounter with a train as these will let you know whether you are on the right track or not.

2. Tornados: Seeing a tornado in your dreams usually tends to deal with change and emotions that are too heavy and generally destructive. They could signal emotional outbursts or anger that is directed at you from another or things that you’ve been feeling yourself. We also see tornadoes in dreams as an omen of some kind of upheaval that is coming. Seeing one tornado usually means that the change will be small but dramatic, seeing more than one means that there will be changes that come that we do not want and will be very difficult. Try to remember all the details of the dream and it may help you to understand the change. Was the tornado large? Did it touch down? Was it destructive or only a part of the background scenery? Watching a tornado from afar means that the changes will only have a small effect on you, or is something that can be avoided if you take steps to correct an unpleasant situation around yourself now. Seeing a tornado chasing you or right on top of you means the change and upheaval will be for you specifically.

3. Water: Water can often be present in dreams but not necessarily the main thing we are dreaming of. Always try to recall details about the water in your dreams as they can help you to understand things going on within yourself that you’re not paying attention to or around you. Calm still water emphasizes that not much is going on in life and things are not chaotic, if the water is calm yet dirty and murky then that means that we’rerepressing troubles around us instead of dealing with them. Clear water shows that a person is very open to their own emotions and honest of how they feel. If water is choppy or turbulent then we are not dealing with issues in the right way and are soon to escalate a situation into something more dramatic. Running water often symbolizes things going as they should be and being very in tune with ourselves. Water in a dream can also tell us about how others around us feel. Pay attention to your reaction of the water in your dream and whether you feel threatened by it or whether it makes you calm.

4. Ants: Dreaming of ants could be letting you know that you’re receiving a message from your guides or from another, so pay attention to the details in the dream. Are they small ants and if so, where are they going? Are they large or red? Ants can also be seen as a threat if they are attacking you or all over you. Sometimes ants can also represent diligence and working together as a group to make a larger goal happen. Ants may also appear chaotic and unorganized if we’re feeling anxious about something coming up that needs to be straightened out.

5. Sharks: Sharks can sometimes represent people that we deal with in every day life. This could be a person that is selfish, uncaring, and out to cause harm. Your subconscious recognizes this as well as you, but perhaps you don’t know how to deal with them. If the shark is attacking you in a dream, then beware that this person is out to get you or cause you harm. Dreaming of sharks nearby can signify that you’re surrounding yourself with people that are less than pleasant, and can also represent anger of a situation going on around you. To dream of catching a shark speaks of confronting a person or situation that is going to be very hostile.

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