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4 Not-So-Sneaky Ways to Apply Hoodoo Condition Oils

by Hoodoo Psychic Sister Jacqueline

Many good people who want to influence a positive outcome in a situation and who want to keep their ‘bizness’ quiet have a challenging time when placing an appropriate Hoodoo condition oil on an individual, all in good intention. The ‘recipient’ of such anointing might not want to succumb so easily and the person holding the oil might not want to reveal that they are a practitioner of Hoodoo to anyone. Fact is, if someone came towards you with an open bottle of something and was telling you to stand still while they drop this stuff all over you, you might be squirming out of their grasp and beat a hasty path towards the front door!

So how does a practitioner apply beneficial (or sometimes cursing or jinxing, when needed) oils on another without revealing what they know? This is where you need to use diversionary steps to keep you secret while working on a person or persons to change their attitude, behavior or luck around. Here are four easy ways to anoint yourself and others without revealing your secrets!

1. Mix your Hoodoo condition oils into Liquid Laundry Detergent

A sneaky way to get the family under control is to add “Do As I Say,” “Oil of Influence” or “Controlling Oil” into the liquid laundry detergent everyone uses weekly. Before adding to the soap, quiet yourself and think of the outcome you want. Take a deep breath, and over the top of the open bottle of oil, say something like, “Oil of Influence, infuse each thread of my family’s clothing so that they will be enveloped in my loving influence and listen to each bit of information or wise advice I give them as I give it from a loving perspective. AMEN..” Pour some of the oil into the laundry liquid, cap it and shake gently, mixing it through the detergent. Wait to see what happens and adjust if more control is needed. You can also use “Fiery Wall of Protection” oil in this manner as well.


2. Mix your Hoodoo condition oils into Hair Care Products

My daughters only learned about this one after they were adults. Take your Hoodoo condition oil and mix it into their shampoo and conditioner. Since most people apply shampoo on a regular basis, using a new formula shampoo and conditioner keeps your spell a secret, as most teens will think “Hey, new bottle, new scent!” and not think twice about what you are doing. Again, open the bottle of condition oil and breathe your intent into the oil before mixing into the hair care product. If your family member uses pomades or styling oils, mixing the oil into the bottles are fine but if the pomades are more waxy in appearance, scoop out a little from the jar and heat it for about 10-20 seconds in a glass bowl in the microwave before mixing the oil into it. After mixing, pour the cooling wax pomade back into the jar and let cool completely. Make sure there is no distinct color difference or your hoodooing will be ‘found out’. This is a fine way to anoint the head with “Crown of Success” or “King Solomon Wisdom Oil” to make sure the children are achieving good grades in school.

3. Mix your Hoodoo condition oils into Body Care Products

Mixing oils into oils to be massaged into the body to alleviate dry skin is easy as long as you do not have a distinct color differentiation in the bottle. Mix your Hoodoo condition oils well, especially if the body oil is in a see-through bottle. For creamy or whipped products, you can place drops of condition oil into the lotion and mix well to make sure the Hoodoo condition oil is thoroughly blended into the creme. This is especially effective for love oils such as “Follow Me Boy,” “Love Me” or “Marriage” oils. You may also do this to the liquid body washes that are on the market so that you can double layer yourself in the oil by first washing with the liquid body wash then applying the lotion afterwards.

4. Mix your Hoodoo condition oils into Liquid Hand Soap

Such an easy way to apply “Jinx Killer,” “Cut and Clear” or “Fiery Wall of Protection” oil to the family so that bad influences and pure nasty ‘funk’ doesn’t enter your home and gets spread throughout the house. You can also distribute “Peaceful Home” or “Blessing” or “Healing” oils for family members and guests that enter your home.

Remember to use a good Hoodoo condition oil made with natural products that will not harm a person when applied to their skin. Also, using Hoodoo condition oils to change or control a situation is not considered doing anything evil as you are trying to correct a problem that is invading your home and causing critical changes in the lives of others. Any application of a Hoodoo condition oil is done from the viewpoint and opinion of the one doing the magical work and should reflect the desire for calm, peaceful resolution for all concerned.

Rev. Sister Jacqueline is a reader on Hoodoo Psychics as well as a Cultural Anthropologist, Educator, Author, Prognosticator and Purveyor of fine Spiritual products, including Lucky Mojo Brand Hoodoo Condition Oils. Read more on what she does at