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madame pamita

9 Foods For Luck In The New Year

by Hoodoo Psychic Madame Pamita

Almost every culture has a lucky food that ensures health, wealth or happiness in the new year. Try incorporating some of these into your New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day menu to bring in good fortune for 2016:

1. Cornbread: The golden hue of Southern cornbread is said to bring in gold (and therefore prosperity) for the new year

2. Fish: Eating a whole fish with the head and tail attached is a Chinese custom to bring in abundance for the year from start to finish and in Scandavian and Northern European countries, eating pickled herring at the stroke of midnight is thought to bring in bounty for the coming year.


3. Greens: Greens such as Collards, Kale or Cabbage are eaten in the American South and various European countries on New Year’s day to bring in the growth of prosperity.

4. Hoppin’ John: This downhome dish from the American South is made up of black-eyed peas and rice is meant to bring in prosperity.

5. Lentils: In Italian culture, eating Lentils on New Year’s Day is believed to bring in good money luck because of their resemblance to little coins.

6. Long Noodles: In many Asian cultures, long noodles are eaten on New Year’s Day to bring in longevity

7. Pomegranate: In many Middle Eastern cultures, a pomegranate is eaten at the new year to bring in good health, fertility and prosperity.

8. Pork: Pigs represent good luck and therefore pig shaped candies, cookies or eating pork on New Year’s Day is thought to bring in good luck for the new year in many European countries.

9. Round Fruit: Eating 12 (or 13, if you live in the Philippines) round fruits like clementines on New Year’s day is thought to bring in luck for all 12 months.

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