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7 Tarot Cards That Reveal Curses Are Afoot

by Hoodoo Psychic Conjureman Ali

Need to know if you’ve been crossed, hexed, or messed with? If these cards show up in your next reading, the answer may be “yes!”

Tarot1. Tower: Destructive magic has been worked in the situation. The aim is to destroy and undo all the good in your life and to undermine your accomplishments. For a married couple, it means someone is assaulting your marriage and the life that you’ve built together. The curse will come upon you suddenly and everything will fall apart at once. This is swift and cruel magic.

Tarot2. 10 of Swords: Someone close to you has worked evil against you. This was an act of betrayal and treachery. When you least expect it they hit you where you are most vulnerable. This is harmful magic that aims to destroy. Someone has a doll baby made on you and is sticking nasty pins in it.

Tarot3. 5 of Swords: A curse has been sent from afar. It is a spell to cause confusion and fights. It brings strife between you and another and overwhelms you with a pall of helplessness. The person doing this is taking delight in your suffering. Your enemy is a sadist!

Tarot4. 8 of Swords: You have been bound and blindfolded in a spell that ensnares and traps. Unlike the curses seen in the other cards, this one is aimed at control and restriction. Someone wants you to stay put and to keep you under their thumb. They are doing their sorcery in a way that you cannot always see, but it keeps you trapped and helpless. Time to call in some reinforcements!

Tarot5. The Devil: Sorcery of the worst kind is seen in the Devil card. This is dark magic and one with a mind all its own. Your enemy has unleashed dark forces, forces beyond their own control. A pact has been made and you are right in the center of it all! Watch out for an unseen presence and supernatural disturbances.

Tarot6. 5 of Cups: This is the magic of mind and heart. Someone has cast a spell from a distance — across space and time — that keeps you locked in a spiral of sorrow and suffering. This spell does not originate from a sadist, but from someone who themselves are suffering and wounded. This is a spell that will effect family and relationships.

Tarot7. 8 of Cups: Magic is being used to drive you away from all that is good in your life. You will feel a sense of restlessness, frustration, and find yourself driven down a path without even realizing it. Someone has a spiritual prod and they are prodding you down a path not of your choosing. This is magic that will drive you from home and hearth.