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13 Sweeteners for Love and Money

by Hoodoo Psychic Deacon Millett

A myriad of sweeteners have been used in hoodoo, from plain ol’ table sugar to the honey in vogue today. Try something new to shake things up!

  1. Granulated Sugar: Refined white sucrose ready for a sugar bowl.
  2. Brown Sugar: Varies in colour and strength of flavour, depending on the amount of molasses added.
  3. Confectioners Sugar: A light powder, used for dusting or icings.
  4. Superfine Sugar: Easy to dissolve in drinks or for simple syrup.
  5. Sugar Cubes: Lump sugar and longer bricks have also been used. These forms of sugar are easy to pick up by hand.
  6. Sugar Packets: A single 15 calorie serving ready to use.
  7. Loaf Sugar: The large bullet shape in which sugar was once sold.
  8. Cane Syrup: Concentrated cane juice made through a long boiling process, in which impurities are skimmed off the top.
  9. Molasses: A rich, dark byproduct of the sugar distillation process; it is available in several degrees of intensity; the darkest is called Blackstrap Molasses.
  10. Sorghum Syrup: Also known as sorghum molasses, this is similar to cane syrup, but comes from the sweet sorghum plant, a type of grass.
  11. Corn Syrup: A sweet syrup made from corn; Karo brand is the standard, with both a light (vanilla) and dark (molasses) variety.
  12. HFCS: Beginning in the 1970s, an enzyme was used with natural corn syrup to turn some of its glucose into fructose. This is the mutant horror known as High Fructose Corn Syrup. Just say no.
  13. Honey: Flower nectar and bee enzymes combine to form honey. If kept air tight and undiluted, honey will not spoil. In time, your honey may crystallize, which is absolutely fine. If you wish, you can heat and re-liquify it by zapping it twice in a microwave for 15 seconds each time. (Remove the metal lid first!). The persistence and hard work of the honey bee adds an extra kick to honey as a sweetener.

Hoodoo Psychic Deacon Millett is the author of Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells and Hoodoo Return and Reconciliation Spells.

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