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10 Tarot Cards That Tell You He Is Cheating

by Hoodoo Psychic Catherine Yronwode

swords101. The Ten of Swords: Stabbed in the back and left for dead! You are his victim, and he has betrayed you ten ways from Sunday. The only good thing about this card is that the Sun is rising in the East — but it is rising on a new love, baby, because the relationship you are in right now is dead, dead, dead.

swords072. The Seven of Swords: He’s a liar and a thief! He stole your love and he is stealing the love of other women as well. He is a full-time, multi-tasking cheater who will take a go at any woman who doesn’t say no. If you don’t put a stop to it, he may also take your money, your car, and your self-respect.

maj153. The Devil:  This is the card of the abuser and his poor deluded wife. She wants security; he wants to let loose with unbridled lust and ungovernable fiery anger. This card goes beyond cheating and into actual threats of danger. Beware!

swords094. The Nine of Swords: He says he’s working late, so you go to bed, only to wake up from a nightmare — and he’s not home yet! Are you crazy? Has he had an accident? Or is he cheating? He’s cheating, and here’s how your tarot reader can tell: Look at the tableau carved onto the side of the bedframe: The person on the right has stabbed the person on the left through the heart and the victim is falling to the round, dying. That’s how it feels to be cheated on.

swords035. The Three of Swords: Speaking of being stabbed through the heart — here we see the ruin of a lovely Valentines heart, stuck through with three swords and left to hang in the sky under grey and rainy clouds. The rain symbolizes tears that are going to flow, and the three swords are three types of sorrow you will feel: spiritual, mental, and physical.

maj166. The Tower:  He is cheating, all right, but he will get caught and a public scandal will ensue, along with the destruction of your relationship. Look at that tower more closely. Does it remind you of a certain part of a man’s anatomy? The tower signifies the end for your love affair or marriage — but it also carries with it the possibility that he might lose the ability to stand tall ever again. If you ever thought about destroying a cheater’s nature and bringing him low, here’s your opportunity for revenge; justice favors your case.

swords087. The Eight of Swords:  Here’s a lady who’s been blindfolded, tied and bound, and is standing barefoot in muddy water. Not only is your no-good man cheating on you, you have been thrown for, bound, and kept unaware of things — and most likely that spell was cast by his outside lover, not your man. She wants you out of the castle, like the poor gal in the card, so she can move in and take your place.

maj138. Death: Death signifies an ending, and it looks like this is the end of your relationship. Death has trampled down many an innocent, but now the dawn is breaking and a bishop confronts Death with a prayer, begging for Death to stop and spare two children. Is your man cheating? Yes, and worse, but you may be able to hire a rootworker to stop the procession toward break-up or divorce. The chance is slim — but if there are children involved, you should give reconciliation spells at least one fair try.

cups089. The Eight of Cups: Not only is he cheating, he is planning to dump you and leave town. Cups are hearts — that is, the tarot suit of cups is the same as the suit of hearts in a poker deck — and did you notice the missing cup in this array? That’s your heart. He could have had everything you had to offer, but he stole your heart, and now he’s walking off into the night. You have to ask yourself, “What kind of a man would walk off into the night and leave eight beautiful golden cupsbehind ?” No wonder the Moon is crying. It’s a sad scene, and the cheating part is probably the least of it. He may be mentally ill, to boot.

swords0610. The Six of Swords: Ah, the mystery card! Here we see a man rowing a woman and a child across a river. The woman is sad, and she carries her pain with her, like swords of oppression, in the ferry boat. Is he moving you out of his life so he can go back and live with a new woman, or is he rowing his other woman out of his life so that he return to you? Either way — he’s cheating.