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miss phoenix

5 Herbs Every Woman Needs for Love

by Hoodoo Psychic Miss Phoenix

Whether you are looking for a new relationship, working to keep your relationship strong, or trying to bring back a straying lover, there are some herbs that can help. You can add these herbs to food, use them in mojos, create infusions or incense, and more. There are lots of options for working on your love relationships with a little hoodoo help. Here are the top five herbs that any woman needs to keep control of her love life.

1. Balm of Gilead — This herb is often called the great soother. It can help to ease a broken heart or shift the negative energy left after an argument with a lover or partner. If you and your lover are having problems in the bedroom you can place a pair of Balm of Gilead buds in every corner of the room with a fifth pair under your bed. This will help to shift your love life back into alignment. This herb is also a common additional to reconciliation work because it does add soothing energy to hurt or conflicts that may have taken place in your relationship. No surprise, because this herb is aligned with the planet Venus, which rules over romantic love. A pair of these buds can be placed in a bottle of wine with your prayer. This love drink can be use to enhance a romantic evening with your lover.

rosemary2. Rosemary — It is widely known across many traditions that Rosemary will bring an increase to female power, especially in connection to relationships and the household. It is often seen planted right outside the home or as hedges in the yard of a house to keep the home safe and the women in the house safe from sexual predators. When a woman carries Rosemary on her body with a bit of her lovers hair wrapped around it, it is believed that this will keep her partner faithful and keep the home peaceful. It is also very common to keep a sprig of Rosemary under the mattress or sewn into a mojo bag under the mattress to keep the relationship strong. It is a common ingredient in love or lust incense recipes and can be very effective in helping a woman keep control of her relationship.

3. Damiana — This herb is widely known to make both men and woman ready for sexual escapades. It is very common for married couples to use this herb in food to help keep their libidos strong. A woman who wants to get her man to stop pulling away from their relationship should add some of this herb to the food that she makes for him; this will intensify any feelings that already exist and make their connection stronger. This herb should also be used in mojos or honey jars to get your partner to stop straying. Damiana is aligned with the planet Mars, so it brings a stronger, more lust-filled energy than some of the other love herbs.

4. Catnip — Think about this one for a second: the first part of the word for this herb is “cat” and another word for “cat” is “pussy.” That is exactly what this herb is all about. Catnip will make a woman more desirable to potential lovers. Catnip can be used in food, in washes, mixed with menstrual blood, burned as an incense — the possibilities are endless. A nice bath with raspberry, Catnip, and rose petals before going out can help you to attract a lover. It is also traditional to use Catnip in spells or washes to increase physical beauty. Grinding up Catnip and adding it to your make-up powder is a good way to work with this energy.

5. Vanilla — This herb encourages love and it works on several levels. Smell is one of the strongest triggers of feelings and it is scientifically proven that one of the scents that bring up the best feelings in men is vanilla. Adding vanilla to sugar can help to keep strong loving feelings in the home. Both the scent and the taste of Vanilla can increase feelings of lust. Creating a sugar jar with Vanilla and then baking cookies for your partner with this sugar is a sure fire way to increase their love and lust-filled feelings for you.