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4 Survival Tips For Mercury Retrograde

by Hoodoo Psychic Sister Jacqueline

mercury-nasaMercury, the planet of communication that rules the astrological signs of Gemini and Virgo, is about to make the first of three retrograde stations on January 21, 2015 and will continue until February 11th, when it returns to a direct station. During this time, the planet appears to “march” backwards across the sky when viewed from a telescope. Modern astronomers have proven that this is not true as the planet really is making a turn in the curve of its orbit, but since we view the planet from ‘head on’ or ‘straight on’ position and not in a three dimensional form, Mercury looks like it is traveling backwards at night. Here are some tips and strategies to adopt during these challenging next three weeks.

1.  General Good Ideas for Everyone

Back up all computers onto a hard drive or flash drive in the event you have a computer meltdown or crash. Make sure your bills are pre-programmed to pay a few days before the due date in the event the business computer system crashes. If paying by ‘snail mail,’ make sure you drop it into the mail a few days early as well. No need to absorb a late fee because of an astrological event. Limit communication with difficult or challenging people you know. It’s OK to NOT answer the telephone! Keep a low profile and put your ‘nose to the grindstone’ as projects will be challenging. Expect delays and ambivalence in decisions. Keep your cool. Take care of mundane projects like filing and half-finished crafts. Clean out the garage and closets and donate all that you do not want anymore, making absolutely sure you are finished with these items. You may want to consider burning a Crown of Success candle during this time to keep things on an even keel.

2. Couples, Dating, and Relationships

Try to avoid deep relationship questions like, “When are we going to get engaged or get married?”, “Where is this relationship going?” or “Do we have a future together?” as this is the WRONG time to discuss these topics as someone might misconstrue words and become hurt. It is also wise to minimize the drama and do not make accusations at this time. Watch what you say and do not criticize at this time if at all possible. Consider burning a pink St. Jude candle to keep things affectionate between the two of you.

3. Business Owners and Professionals

Plan your yearly forecast or review last year’s goals and see how far you have come to meeting those goals. Devise a plan for the next quarter. Make sure all legal documents and health insurance is up to date. This goes for life, auto and home insurance policies as well. Make sure you have your savings account linked to your checking so that you do not become overdrawn. Review your credit scores to see where you need to clean up those numbers. If you have a physical retail location, time to deep clean everywhere and place odds and ends products on the clearance rack or table. File bills and documents and clear your desk. Burning a white candle anointed with King Solomon Oil will aid at this time.

4. Spiritual Workers, Psychics and Metaphysical Workers

Double check your appointments as someone is bound to be late or miss an appointment. Try to not take “high drama” clients or cases at this time as words will be ignored and/or misconstrued. Be absolutely clear in all communications both verbal and written. This is a good time to deep clean your altar space and work station. Consider burning Clarity candles or Reversing candles during this time.

The other two times in 2015 that Mercury will station Retrograde will be May 19th to June 11th and September 17th to October 9th.

Rev. Sister Jacqueline is one of the readers on Hoodoo Psychics and has been reading for over 17 years. When she is not seeing clients, Jacqueline is writing or formulating products and making custom orders for clients at Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply.