by Hoodoo Psychic Madame Pamita

Clients often ask me for recommendations on spells for bringing their soul mate to them. Some of the best and most powerful allies in bringing in new love come from the plant world and these powerful herbs are attuned to attracting and bringing in love exactly the way you want it. Though there are an amazing array of herbs that are used for bringing in love, these are my top 10 “go-to” herbs for inviting in romance.

1. Cubeb Berries – Add Cubebs to your bath before you go out for a night on the town and then sprinkle the berries and a basin of the bath water in front of your home to bring love right to your door.

2. Damiana – Add a pinch of Damiana to your recipes to draw in a passionate, sexual love.

3. Quassia – Roll a red candle in Quassia, if you want a relationship where you are the boss.

4. Queen Elizabeth Root – Women who carry a Queen Elizabeth Root can attract new love through their own sense of self and inner-confidence

5. Spikenard – Use Spikenard in your spell work if you are looking for a love that leads to marriage.

6. Sandalwood – Make a mojo bag with a pinch of Sandalwood, wear it during the day and sleep with it under your pillow at night to draw in a harmonious lover.


7. Ginger – Drink Ginger tea to bring in a hot and sexy, passionate love.

8. Sampson Snake Root – Like Queen Elizabeth Root for women, men can use Sampson Snake Root to bring in a love where they are in charge.

9. Lovage – Working with Lovage improves luck in bringing in a sincere love.

10. Catnip – Women working with Catnip can create an aura of allure that men find irresistible.