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10 Amazing Ways To Use Herbs In Your Spellwork

by Hoodoo Psychic Madame Pamita

Herbs are an amazing versatile tool for spellwork — I use them in almost every spell I do, whether for myself or for my clients. These beautiful plant allies give power to spells and because each is attuned to a specific subtle energy, combining them creates a spell specific to the exact effect that you are looking for. For example, not all love herbs have them same effect: some are for new love, some are used to ensure fidelity and still others are used for controlling a lover. These subtle differences between each herb create unique recipes for spells. Using herbs in your work, it’s like making music — with 12 notes we are able to create an infinite number of beautiful tunes. Here are my top 10 ways to use herbs in magic spells:

Custom mojo 1. Wear them in a mojo bag — A pinch of 3, 7 or 13 different herbs in a mojo bag for money, love or protection creates a powerful and portable custom talisman.

2. Put them on your target — Secretly place a love herb in the pocket of someone you want to fall in love with you, or use banishing herbs to get rid of unwanted people.

3. Burn them as incense – Place them on a charcoal to create an incense while you’re doing your other spellwork to give it even more power or to create an environment of love, protection or prosperity in your home or business.

4. Dress a candle — Dress a candle in a spiritual oil and then roll it in herbs to give it a boost of focus.

5. Sprinkle on objects — Sprinkle pulverized herbs on an object to imbue it with the power of that herb.

6. Create powerful spell candle settings — sprinkle herbs around a candle in a pattern to give power and protection to your spell.

7. Eat or drink your spell — If the herb is safe to ingest, you can make it into a tea or place a pinch in a food along with a prayer or intention.

8. Place them in an environment — Sprinkle herbs around your home, property or business or place a mojo bag by your doors to protect and invite in good energies.

9. Sprinkle a pinch on top of a vigil candle — Dress a vigil candle with 7 drops of spiritual oil and then sprinkle a mixture of herbs around the top before you bless it and light it.

10. Create a wash — Steep the herb in boiling water and use the resulting “tea” to cleanse or imbue yourself or an item with its magical properties.