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8 Great Ways To Make Marriage Monogamous

by Hoodoo Psychic Deacon Millett

Since I work with the toughest kinds of reconciliation cases, I’m usually trying to draw back someone who’s long gone. If only folks would do the hard work of keeping their relationships together before it was too late! In that spirit, here are eight traditional workings to keep things solid from the git-go!

1. A Magnolia Leaf in the Mattress — To keep a faithful marriage bed, southern women would sew magnolia leaves into the mattress. Nowadays, it’s easier to tuck a magnolia leaf or two between the mattress and box springs.

2. A Wedding Ring in the Sugar Bowl — We all want our spouses to stay sweet on us. When arguments arise, put your wedding ring in the sugar bowl to bring back smiles and kisses.

3. Socks Buried in the Backyard — If you fear your partner is straying, bury their dirty sock in the backyard to keep them home. You can even tie one of your socks around it!

4. Pubic Hair in the Hatband — Keep ’em crazy for you by putting one of your pubic hairs in their hatband, as close to their brain as you can get!

5. Tie His Necktie Every Day — Tying his necktie for him will keep him thinking of you all day long. I suppose it can work just as well for women wearing power ties…

6. Menstrual Blood in the Coffee — If there was only one love spell, this would be it. Menstrual blood in coffee is the classic. Men can use a little chamber lye (urine) to effect the same purpose.

7. Pre-wear Underwear or Lingerie — Giving your partner some sexy underthings as a surprise gift? Make sure you wear them first, and they’ll be yours forever.

8. Step Over a Broom — While jumping the broom has returned to favor in marriage ceremonies, it’s still useful long after. Every time you move to a new home, a couple should step over a broom as they first enter, sweeping out old hoodoo and guarding against future tricks.