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15 Ways To Ring In The New Year!

by Hoodoo Psychic Sister Jacqueline

This year may have felt like a real challenge for some, but the dawning of the New Year always brings us new hope and focus as we move forward. The passage of time, and the events contained within the calendar year, may affect some more than others, but all of us want bright and shiny new beginnings for a chance to succeed. Many participate in release ceremonies or do some self-healing rituals in order to prepare a ‘clean slate’ for the next year. Here are 15 ways to usher in a glorious New Year 2017!

1. Clean every nook and cranny. Move furniture, clean the closets. Garage? Yup. Under cabinets, tossing out old lotions and medicines (dispose of responsibly, please) and other stuff you no longer need. Yes, it will take all day, but you’ll rejoice the other 364 days that are coming (until the next deep cleanse for 2018, that is!). Prayers while cleaning up, a cleansing incense, or some gospel music on the radio will lighten the vibrations of the home.

2. Toss out old undies and socks with holes, even if you have to downsize until the next paycheck – no “holey” undergarments for you – brings bad juju! Tie in knots and take directly to the garbage can in a bag so that no one will use them to bind you.

3. That desktop. Yeah…right! Toss old magazines, open letters and file, dust, toss, toss, toss! Then, create a mini money drawing altar at the center back of your desk (if possible) and include a lodestone to attract cash from all sources to pay those bills.

4. Trim your hair. Look sharp and look the part in the coming New Year. Place the hair clipping in a red flannel bag with empowerment or attraction herbs and roots to make a mojo bag to bring you what you want!


5. Smudge your place. The oils in white sage have been known to clean an environment of virus particles and allow clearer respiratory tracts in those who have a cough. I do it myself when I get a little congested (despite my kids thinking I am lighting up something else!). Read Psalm 23 (“The Lord is My Shepherd”) over and over as you move through the house.

6. Use a weak solution of clear ammonia and wipe down everything with an old tee shirt. Lamps, doors and doorknobs, bannisters, floors, windows. Part of number 1 on this list.

7. New toothbrush. Yep, health is wealth and old toothbrushes harbor germs, despite what you think. Make sure it is properly disposed of so that no one can use it against you – magically, that is!

8. OMG the bottom of your purse or backpack. A ‘black hole’ of receipts, coins, stale chewing gum, hair strands. Even better yet, buy a new one and toss the whole darned thing! If you choose to toss, make sure no ‘personal concerns’ are in there so that the neighbors can jinx you.

9. Donate and celebrate! Those old career clothes you will never fit into again (yeah I know, that designer blazer…sigh). Give it to a men’s or women’s empowerment group for their “Dress for Success” day. As you send it off, say a prayer that it will give a job to the new wearer. You can also dab a bit of Success oil on the hemline, waistband, or label in the back of the garment to wish the new ‘owner’ good luck!

10. Speaking of jobs…time to update your resume. Yes, you plan to retire from where you are at now, but you will easily forget what trainings and seminars you attended, or what additional jobs you have taken on. When a sparkly new position comes open, you will be ready to give them your resume and consider you FIRST! Place the newly revised resume under a golden yellow Success candle (anointed with Success oil) and burn until you get an interview!

11. Pay off any and all bills as much as you can. Look, if that credit card is 14-to-28 percent APR, and your savings account is paying you 1 percent APR, then what do you have to lose? Pay off the card and then replenish the savings account. Burn banishing oil on a red candle to get rid of those bills F-A-S-T!

12. Get more sleep. Record your favorite shows and hit the sack. You need more sleep than you think. Burn blue candles anointed with Peaceful Home Oil to aid in your rest.

collard greens

13. Eat greens (symbolic of money!) at least once a week. I take collard greens and gently saute them in olive oil, with minced garlic, salt, and pepper (for protection) in my wok. Keeps my iron level up, my money safe, and that chlorophyll in those dark leaves are a booster, too!

14. Fast. OK, we just got over munching tons of stuff that isn’t necessarily good for us, so why not clean out the sludge? There are so many yummy herbal teas out there that you could actually go all day on liquids and not feel hungry when your taste buds are going wild. The world’s spiritual practices all recommend some form of fasting. Which brings us to…

15. Spend time in silence. Introspection and time in stillness gives us time to reflect, plan, and dream. Give yourself the gift of cleaning out your thoughts and ease your mind from excessive noise and unnecessary advertisements that try to influence us.

Rev. Sister Jacqueline is a reader on Hoodoo Psychics and a frequent contributor to Conjure Lists by Hoodoo Psychics. You may contact her through her biography page at Hoodoo Psychics.