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4 Magical Ways to Increase Abundance

by Hoodoo Psychic Sister Jacqueline

One of the most sought after subjects of information using rituals and magical remedies is increasing the flow of money to a person. It is the absolute Truth that we all need money to exist in these times, so it is crucial that you do everything in your power to keep it flowing into your life and the lives of your loved ones. Here are some magical ways to enhance the continuous flow of abundance and prosperity to you.


1. Face Each Day with a Positive Mind — Your attitude will determine your success or not. Make sure you have lit at all times a Success candle, Fast Luck or Money Drawing candle (depending on situation) and spend a moment in contemplative meditation or prayer each day to ask the Universe to bless you with the things you need and to give thanks for blessings received. Make the best of your day, employed or not, by simply anointing your head with a good spiritual oil such as Crown of Success for Divine inspiration to create items to sell on etsy, or online, if so inclined. This is especially beneficial for those under-employed or receiving retirement or disability payments who must supplement their incomes. Use Crown of Success Oil or King Solomon Wisdom Oil on a white candle next to your computer when revamping your resume or searching online for employment. Consider going back to school and finishing up your education or seek a new field of study. Apply for grants and scholarships to aid you in this successful venture. You are never too old to change careers and the knowledge that you have in your years is useful to many. Live with hope and inspiration for a brighter future each day and you will be surrounded with opportunities.

2. Share Your Blessings — Yes, even in tough times, you can share and receive more than you expect. It is one of the Universal Laws that you must ‘give to get.’ Tithe to a religious organization that resonates with your belief system. If you do not belong to a spiritual organization, then give a little to charitable organizations that are near and dear to you. Make sure you place magical sigils in each corner of the check and follow up by placing a dab of Blessing Oil or Money Stay with Me Oil from your finger before slipping that check into the envelope and mailing it off. Keep three one-dollar bills anointed with Money Drawing Oil and drawn with sigils in the corners for the person holding a sign on the street corner. Do not judge them, but hand them these three dollars, waiting for them to say, “Bless You.” When they do, say, “Yes! Bless me and bless you, too!”, then go on your way. You will be pleasantly surprised shortly after with a gift, repayment of a loan or a financial blessing of your own. Giving a blessing will increase blessings in your life.

3. Use Mindful Consumerism — Hold your paycheck or benefits check in both of your hands that has been anointed with Money Stay with Me Oil and pray that you will use these gifts to their highest good and to their value. When shopping, anoint your hands with Good Luck Oil so that you will come upon the best items for the best prices in shopping. Use that same Good Luck Oil everyday to anoint yourself so that opportunities will come your way to make a few extra dollars such as a temporary side job or a once-in-a-blue-moon opening. Use coupons and buy only what you need, not what you want. The art of Discernment is one of the things that can be enhanced by applying King Solomon Wisdom Oil on your temples and your hands and using a powerful incantation to keep you strong against temptation when going to the Mall or grocery shopping. Using mindful consumerism is buying only what you need at the right time and using up everything you have before buying more.

4. Keep Quiet — Even if you are about to burst with excitement, keeping quiet about your situation is the best way to avoid and divert evil intentions towards you. Many want to see you succeed, but there are as many who want to see you fail. Why? It is because your success is like a mirror that they look at themselves with and many do not like to see their reflection. For them, it is better that they grab your ankle and yank you down as you climb the ladder of success than to look upon you as an inspiration to emulate. Anoint yourself with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil to keep ill will, jealousy and envy from clinging to your Spirit. Use Red Brick Dust across your door jamb, steps or porch to keep evil persons away. Even if you are ‘hitting a bad streak,’ don’t speak about it, because some will consider doing a job to curse, “cross you up” or ‘jinx’ you further so that you will have a tougher time getting back on your feet. This is akin to ‘kicking a man when he’s down’ and is an easy way for jealous, spiteful, envious people to keep you down. Wash down your front door and walkway with Chinese Wash or Van Van Oil in warm water to clean off negativity and attract Good Luck. Stay away from people who talk about others to you. If they spill the beans about others to you, you know they are talking about you to them. Envy and jealousy are self-breeding; they grow and multiply. Keeping quiet about your success or situation is best for all concerned.

Rev. Sister Jacqueline has written a book, “30 Days to Prosperity – A Candle Vigil Guide” that gives you a day-by-day walk through a one month money drawing candle vigil to increase prosperity and abundance. You may contact her through the Hoodoo Psychics website.